My New Discovery….

A little back story – I have researched and found a company that launched only 12 months ago with a wrinkle cream that was discovered by doctors at MD Anderson while working with skin cancer patients….what they found was that a derivative of the Oleander plant would not only help in the skin recovery from cancer, but also help on fine lines, deep wrinkles, scars, and age spots!! They saw remarkable results with up to 47% improvement in these problem areas!

The product name is NeriumAD and an all natural one step nightly face cream!

The beauty of this product and why it appealed to me so much, besides the REAL results, is that it is simply one cream! A one-step nightly process that has remarkable results!

Now if you know me, you know that I am all about anti-aging and taking care of myself. I have searched and searched for a product that REALLY works! NOTHING, I have tried can compare to the results of NeriumAD! I am holistic and health-consciousness so Botox was out of the question for me and I didn’t want to think about putting that toxin into my body! But like every woman, I still wanted to look young!

I am so thrilled to be one of the first CA/GA Representatives to get my hands on this gem – and I want to share the love!

If you would like to try a sample, email me and I will send you one to try for three days.

The application is as easy as it gets and directions are on the box – Simply wash and cleanse your face with your regular products. Make sure all your makeup is off for maximum absorption. And then apply 3-4 pumps to your face and neck before bed. It is all-natural and will feel like a light mask on your face. DO NOT WASH IT OFF. Sleep with it on your face. Then in the morning simply wake up, wash off and do your normal routine. Most results start in the first days of use…the deeper the wrinkles, the more quickly you can see results – with the best results being seen after 30 days.

You can check out my website to watch a very good informative video or call me for info. Reach out any time during the four days with questions – 615-521-1511 or email me at Talk to you soon!

Shine On!